Rihanna. (BAKOUNINE -

Sometimes, it takes an Arab.

Rihanna made headlines this week when she was spotted smooching a new beau. (Good on you, Rihanna.) New beau was a mystery boy (really, good on you, Rihanna) who turned-out to be a Saudi billionaire named Hassan Jameel (damn good on you, Rihanna). Those of us who weren’t already envious of Mystery Man for: (a) being in a jacuzzi, (b) being in a jacuzzi with Rihanna, and (c) being in a jacuzzi with Rihanna as Rihanna continually throws herself at him get to be jealous because (d) billionaire.

Some people, man. Some people.


One Khaled Mokhtar has posted a video of Rihanna’s “Diamonds  with a decidedly Khaliji touch. At least one Al Bawaba Entertainment writer has been shaking their hip to it all morning. It’s decidedly weird but it kinda works.