Esma Voloder. (Instagram)

Once upon a time, she was a Muslim refugee from Bosnia. Then she became Miss World Australia. Now she’s pure class.

A while back, we reported that Esma Voloder took the crown at Miss World Australia. A psychology graduate and criminal profiler, Voloder’s success at Miss World Australia was both surprising and unsurprising, and, the moralities and ethical issues a beauty pageant presents aside, we were happy for her.

Islamophobes, however, were not.

Goodness forbid a Muslim ever achieve anything.

I’ve chosen to not give bigots attention and I therefore won’t quote the stream of hateful, insipid remarks directed at Voloder by cowards. Well, except for one, which manages a triple whammy: it’s stupid, it’s racist, and it’s extremely misogynistic.

(Psychology and criminal profiling require acute intelligence, something noted by Miss World Australia during the pageant.)

Actually, make that two Tweets: this one coming from a public figure, written without a dash of irony, from a non-Aboriginal:

It’d be easy for Voloder to respond to her “critics” with scorn; lord knows they deserve it.

But in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Voloder said: “I forgive them.”

Voloder has already said she plans on challenging negative perceptions of Muslims, stating, at the ceremony, that, “The Islam that I know, that is in the Qur’an, I don’t associate that with any acts that are occurring around the world. People tend to blame religion for the atrocities that are happening, but if we do that we take responsibility away from the individuals.”

“Life is too short for negativity,” she said to the Daily Telegraph