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Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons. (Kevin Dietsch / UPI)

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Popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory could “easily” finish after Season 12, according to a show’s creator.

Co-creator Chuck Lorre confessed Tuesday that he’s “amazed” a array is still on while compelling a spinoff Young Sheldon at a Television Critics Association summer press tour.

“We never unequivocally figured to be during year 11, let alone what’s going to occur after 12,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “One could simply assume that would be a finish of a series, though I’m only vacant we’re here.”

Executive writer Steve Molaro and CBS Entertainment boss Kelly Kahl were some-more open-ended about a show’s future.

“We demeanour during one part during a time. That’s what we’ve been doing for a final 10 years and it’s gotten us this far,” Molaro said.

“[We wish to go] as prolonged as we can go; 20 years. we wish to have it as prolonged as we can,” Kahl added.

Executive writer Steve Holland will reinstate Molaro as showrunner for Season 11, as Molaro turns his concentration to Young Sheldon, according to Deadline. The spinoff stars Iain Armitage as a immature chronicle of Jim Parsons’ character, Sheldon Cooper.

“Iain’s [audition] was mind-blowing in some ways,” Parsons told Entertainment Tonight in a corner talk with Armitage during a press tour. “There was a authenticity with it and a suggestion with it, and an bargain of what we were saying.”

“It’s been unequivocally inspirational to watch,” he added. “There’s only a approach in that he’s rebellious all of this that is such fun and such fun of a process.”

Young Sheldon will have a special preview Sept. 25 before premiering Nov. 2. The Big Bang Theory, starring Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, will lapse for an 11th deteriorate Sept. 25.