The real question is what the guy at the front thought of them all. (Instagram)

Following a sizzling getaway in the south of France, Kourtney Kardashian is out for a romantic getaway with her beau Younes Bendjima…in Egypt.

“Bringing this crazy ass somewhere she doesn’t know,” Bendjima captioned a shot of them inside a luxury private jet.

That “crazy ass somewhere” was revealed to be Egypt when Simon Huck, who is accompanying the trip, posted an Instagram photo of himself, Bendjima, and Kardashian camel-back riding, with the pyramids in full-view.

Above: The Kardashians with the pyramids in full view behind them.

Above: Kardashian lounging around. (Snapchat)

The couple, who are separated by a 15 year difference (he’s 23, she’s 38), have been, according to E! News, having a spectacular time.

A source told E! News, “Kourtney spent part of last week in Florida where she met up with friends and then they flew with Younes to Egypt on Sunday. She was so excited to see him and they are incredibly happy.”

Kardashian took to Instagram and Snapchat to share photos from her trip, which included lounging around in a bikini and a playful dive into the waves with her Bendjima.

Above: In the waves! (Snapchat)

Above: Smoking hookrah. (Snapchat)