Down the Yas Marina Circuit she goes! (Instagram / supecarblondie)

If you love your cars, you’ll love Alex Hirschi.

Think of it this way: Ferrari 488 GTB. The Bentley GT3R. Mercedes AMG GTs. 488 Spider. The original damn Batmobile.

She’s driven each and every one of them. She’s like Batman, but with bags and bags of style.

Known on Instagram as supercarblondie, Hirschi makes a living driving beautiful supercars. And when she’s not cruising other people’s sweet rides down the Dubai desert and making it look easy, she’s  coasting along on her own: a BMW i8.

But the beautiful thing is Hirschi is not an expert: in an interview with Forbes, she says she decided to stand-out from other car aficionados by not being an expert, instead discussing things from an amateur point of view: “I am not an automotive journalist. I provide insight into the supercar culture and what it’s like to drive these incredible cars in a light, fun way.”

Check-out some of her pictures and follow her Instagram account here.

Above: Some photos from Hirschi’s remarkable life. (Instagram / supercarblondie)