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Jerry Lewis has upheld away.

The comedian—some would contend brash—had helmed works like The Nutty Professor and The Bellboy.

Lewis initial began behaving with Dean Martin in 1946; a twin valid an present hit. The dual achieved together for a decade, with any of their films—including The Stooge, The Caddy, and Pardners—proving a substantial box bureau hit. They done their final film together in 1956, Hollywood or Bust, and separate acrimoniously afterwards. The dual would not determine until a 1980s.

Lewis’s comedy had fallen-out of conform in after years, yet he remained renouned in France, that awarded him a Legion of Honour endowment in 1983.

The 1980s were good for Lewis in another way: he starred in Martin Scorsese’s film The King of New York, producing some of his excellent work.

Lewis perceived a Academy of Motion Pictures Arts Sciences’ Jean Hersholt Award in 2009. In May 2014, his footprints became immortalised during a Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Lewis became barbarous after essay and directing 1972’s The Day a Clown Cried, an unreleased film centred on a jester who, like a wandering Pied Piper, leads Jewish children to a gas chambers in Auschwitz. He deliberate a film too bad for release, and was famously ashamed of it.

Lewis upheld divided during home, surrounded by his family. He was 91.