Klodia, with her

Iraqi actress and model Klodia Hanna will be playing Saddam Hussein’s daughter Raghad.

The film, pitched to Hanna at the United States, is scarce on details, save that it is being produced by an Iraqi-American producer. It will, however, concern the controversial and often contradictory life of Raghad Saddam Hussein; other details, such as its perception of Saddam Hussein, the deposed ruler of Iraq, its plot, direction, and language are currently unknown.

In announcing she had secured the role, Hanna said she hoped it would allow her to explore a more nuanced character, adding that she signed-on without knowing what portrait of Hussein the film would be painting.

Raghad Hussein is wanted by Iraqi authorities for ostensibly “supporting” the rise of the “insurgency” in Iraq, circa 2006; she resides in Jordan under the protection of the royal family, which has, according to former Prime Minister Marouf al-Bakhit, refused her extradition.

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