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Kansas City integrate Seth Dixon and Ruth Salas were prepared to get married! But on a Saturday dusk Dixon got on one knee on a footbridge travelling a dilemma of a pool during Loose Park. He flipped open a box holding a $3,000 solid rendezvous ring he is still creation payments on.

But a ring popped out of a box, bounced twice, afterwards fell by a bridge’s wooden slats. Dixon is prisoner on video on both knees, mouth agape, perplexing to squeeze it.

“We freaked out,” pronounced Salas, a surrogate clergyman for a Liberty School District. “It ping-ponged from one lumber to another. You could hear a small plop.”

Soon after a ring disappeared, they all were in a water, acid in a low sediment until a night incited too dark.

The subsequent morning, a integrate went back, this time with a male with a steel detector whom they had hired off of a internet. The H2O was too low for him. Dixon got in with a detector to hunt with no luck.

The ring is still, presumably, in a water. Although insured for repairs or for detriment of only a diamond, a whole ring is not insured if it is lost, Salsa and Dixon said.