Amr Diab. (YouTube)

Amr Diab is making rounds on social media today.

Admittedly, not everybody can sing, dance, and act; we’re not all Gene Kelly. But do you know who else is not Gene Kelly? Amro Diab.

Diab appeared alongside esteemed actor Salah El-Saadani in the TV show “Asef, La Yojad Hallon A’akhar” (Sorry, There is No Alternative Solution). In this clip, El-Saadani’s character suffers a heart attack after losing his top at Diab’s character.

This re-edited clip’s title hilariously suggests that it’s Diab’s bad acting which caused the heart attack and the actor’s actual retirement.

Although, to be fair, El-Saadani’s impression of a yell is vaguely similar to a cat’s breathless, uh, fornination.

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