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Mashrou' Leila's Hamid Sinno. (Instagram / mashrouleilagram)

Marsa, a passionate health core formed in Lebanon, expelled a video that went viral — ensuing in a large backlash. The video facilities Mashrou’ Leila’s lead singer, Hamed Sinno, and singer Youmna Ghandour lifting recognition and learn people how to use a condom.

Most of a comments criticized lifting a emanate in a initial place, given it’s inapt to speak plainly about sex in regressive societies such as a Middle East’s.

Some people pounded Marsa for “encouraging” passionate intercourse. Just to make things clear, nobody is enlivening anyone. The video mentions in a unfolding where we do find yourself carrying sex, we should be safe. Marsa’s latest video charity should be viewed as educational, since it is.

Sex still stays a banned theme that nobody is authorised to plead or explore. However, miss of passionate health and preparation in a segment formula in serve complications. We exclude to be prepared and afterwards consternation where passionate nuisance came from, because there are many cases of intimately transmitted diseases, such as HIV, and because are birth rates are no longer underneath control. In a segment where all a aforementioned things are visitor to us, it’s lovely to see an classification holding a beginning to widespread recognition per a topic.

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