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Mohamed Ramadan with a lion. (Instagram / mohamedramadananws)

The cat is finally out of a bag! After pushing by Egyptian actor/superstar/the country’s favorite purpose indication Mohamed Ramadan’s face each day on a Ring Road for a past month or so, we finally know what a “Ahe, Aho” billboards mean.

I’m not even going to lie, me and my friends had a possess theories as to what they wanted to deliver by their debate — though opportunely (all of a theories were horrendous) they were all close down. A video has only been posted of Coca-Cola and Etisalat’s new ad, and it is incredible.

What we adore about it is a fact that it’s so simple, nonetheless awesome. The video’s anecdotist is also waggish that takes a ad to a whole new level. The ad fundamentally shows that this new pleasing kinship between Coca-Cola and Etisalat will make everyone’s life better. Every time we take a sip of their bottle, Etisalat will repay we in calls-texts-data favors.


WE SAID THIS: Kudos, FP7Cairo, for formulating this ad.

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