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Georges Wassouf. (Instagram / officialwassouf)

So we wanna be a gangsta.

Rap song is famous for a beefs—those moments in time when dual rarely gifted artisans start directing a gunfire of their lyrics during any other.

But let it not be pronounced that, when pull comes to shove, Arab artist aren’t peaceful to chuck shade during any other either, defeat adult their crowds in a frenzy.

When asked currently about who should retire from music, Lebanese thespian Wael Jassar forked during Syrian thespian Georges Wassouf.

Wassouf fans got shrill in protest.

To be fair, Jassar’s criticism was critical, though also respectful—a backhand if there ever was one. “I’d advise George Wassouf to retire,” he said, “so he doesn’t lessen his story of large accomplishments.”

But in response to Wassouf’s fans going ballistic, he did issue an reparation video in that he claimed he simply meant “Wassouf looked tired.”

That’s OK, Wael Jassar. Arab fans seem endangered about a predestine of celebrities all a time.

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