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Yoko Ono and John Lemon. (360b / /

Yoko Ono has filed a lawsuit opposite a Polish drinkmaker for regulating a correspondence of John Lennon for a libation called “John Lemon.”

Ono, who was married to a Beatles fable from 1969 until his genocide in 1980, indicted a association of profiting off her former husband’s correspondence but permission.

The drink’s tag contains a white credentials behind retard lettering that says, “John Lemon,” along a outline of a drink’s flavor. But in advertisements, a association allegedly used lyrics from Beatles songs, such as “Let it Be,” as good as one of Lennon’s many famous songs, “Imagine.”

“I consider everybody would determine that this is a crack of rights,” pronounced Murray Chalmers, Ono’s publicist, told CNN.

Ono’s attorneys claimed indemnification in a operation of about $6,000 per day and $600 for each bottle sold, reported the Guardian.

But a allotment was reached after a lawsuit was filed for an undisclosed amount.

The Polish drinkmaker also concluded to stop offered a code past Nov and will change a name of a splash to “On Lemon.”

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